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Booking Policy

Once customer has agreed to receive services provided by StrandzByKay, LLC, the customer should make every attempt to make their scheduled appointment date and time. (It is preferred that the customer arrive 10 minutes prior). Scheduled dates are subject to change and StrandzByKay, LLC agrees to notify customer as soon as possible in emergency situations. Consultant agrees to contact the customer 24 hours prior to scheduled date to ensure the customer is still able to make the appointment.


Kids are not allowed unless being serviced.  Please make necessary arrangements prior to arriving.

Policy agreement will be reviewed prior to providing installation services.

Travel Policy

If client desires to have consultant render service at their location, client agrees to cover the following expenses incurred by the consultant:

  • Lodging costs

  • Flight costs (if outside of driving distance)

  • Rental costs (if outside of local driving distance)

  • Fuel costs at $0.50 per mile (50 mile radius to salon)

Payment Policy

StrandzByKay, LLC requires a non-refundable deposit to be made in order to reserve a date(s) for service. No reservations will be made until a deposit of agreed upon amount is provided in the form of Credit/Debit Cards, Cash, CashApp, and Paypal. NO REFUNDS. For Paypal/Credit/Debit Card users, all fees charged by third party to us, will be added to the client’s total and paid by the client at the end of the service. Visit third-party site for additional fee information.

All transactions, whether cash or card, will be signed in agreement that services have been rendered as agreed upon. Any discrepancies will be discussed between the consultant and the client.

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Late Policy

Customer is responsible for ensuring they are able to meet the scheduled time and arrive on time. If customer is unable to make the scheduled appointment time, the customer should contact the consultant and notify them at the earliest convenience. After 15 minutes pass the scheduled appointment time, consultant reserves the right to cancel the appointment and assess a $50 rescheduling/cancellation fee.

Cancellation Policy

If customer is unable to make their scheduled appointment, a 48-hour notification is required to prevent any cancellation fees. StrandzByKay, LLC agrees to work with customer to have services rescheduled for a later date. Failure to notify consultant 48-hour prior will result in a $50 cancellation fee, added once services have been provided. In the case of an emergency, StrandzByKay, LLC will work with customer to reschedule services for the next available opening. Undersign understands services may be provided across multiple days if client is unable to be present for the initial dates.


This document attests the undersigned has received a consultation from a certified Sisterlocks consultant affiliated with the company StrandzByKay, LLC. The undersign acknowledge services were rendered as agreed and agrees to provide payment for services in the form of cash, debit, or credit. An additional charge will be added to all credit card and third-party payments to cover associated processing fees. 

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