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About Us

Meet the Consultant

Keshema Carroll is a native of the beautiful island of Saint John United States Virgin Islands. Growing up in an island of paradise where hair braiding was popular she found her passion for hair at the age of 9. Her passion inspired her to perfect her skills through the age of 21 under the training and guidance of Etty Farrell at Etty Two Beauty Salon.  This connection sparked the discovery of her own unique  abilities. Upon relocation to Atlanta Georgia, as a means of elevating her skills, Keshema completed training under renown trainers, Monica Geary, Roxanne Ray, Rosalee Mathu and mentorship by Tyesha Brown. After much dedication driven by passion Keshema completed her training, and obtained her SisterlockTM Certification in July 2016.  


Keshema strong love for SisterlocksTM motivated her to embark on her journey in April 2015.  Now her enjoyment is helping others start and continue on their journey with SisterlocksTM.


Keshema Carroll, Owner/Consultant

Our Goal

Our goal is offer clients outstanding service while providing knowledge and guidance throughout their journey. We guarantee a clean, safe, and comfortable environment.

At Strandz by Kay, we strive to provide outstanding service to every client. We want every client to absolutely love the choice they've made.

Strandz by Kay was established in 2016 to assist individuals interested in embarking on the amazing Sisterlocks journey. Our consultant, Keshema, is a certified SisterlockTM technician. We strive to provide unmatched quality service to all clients to ensure they are happy with their new hairstyle.

Strandz by Kay strive to help every client understand the lifestyle they are embarking on and provide outstanding guidance, motivation and services throughout their Journey! Strandz by Kay is committed to providing only the highest quality of service at all times, ensuring every client is treated professionally! Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us and we look forward to servicing you!

Our Vision

Our Story

What is Sisterlocks?

SisterlocksTM are tiny uniform locks that are the results of a precision parting grid and use a specialized tool to place the hair into its locking formation. Although SisterlocksTM is commonly considered a hairstyle, it is a lifestyle. The initial Establishment of SisterlocksTM can be time-consuming and require a moderate amount of upkeep, but once installed the hairstyle is very low maintenance and can be styled to meet any occasion!

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